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The Dark Tide I: Wasteland Survivor

Opening Cutscenes

Opening/The Battle - After the textcrawl with the traditional Star Wars music, we pan down to the Crow flying over Tatooine. To start with, I used a modified version of the Dark Forces incidental post-textcrawl music, giving the first introduction to the Dark Tide theme. As the Tie Fighters do battle with the Crow, the score is primarily battle music from Tie-Fighter. However, it's been changed to play Xizor's theme along with the Imperial theme, giving a hint of who's really behind the attack. Traditional Star Wars descending run patterns play as the Crow eventually gets hit, crashing to the planet.

The Dark Tide - As the credits are shown, the Dark Tide main theme is played. This is an original work, designed to be straightforward, big in scale and dramatic. It's initial cadence serves as one of the Dark Tide's primary motifs throughout the series. As the custom level credits end, the music leads straight into the original Dark Forces music for the original game credits.

Desert Crash - Tatooine/desert music plays with a descending chromatic line as the ship falls through the desert sky. The watching Tuskin Raiders are joined by horn motifs from "Attack of the Sand People."

In Game

It was an interesting challenge for the Special Edition of Dark Tide I. Since the level was already released with music from the original game, a musical setting was already established, and I didn't want that mood to be drastically different. I decided to use that original stalk music as a base and then added and edited music on top of it.

When I compared the high, alternating string motif from the desert them to the opening string motif of Shadows of the Empire, I noticed they were similar. So I used them over the base music, swapping back and forth.

The other main musical elements I added were sections of the Jawa theme. The Jawas didn't show up in the the latter part of the level, so I couldn't have their theme be too pervasive. Instead I alternated it with the desert and Shadows themes. Where I could, I also modified some of the background music into more Dark Tide motifs.

The fight music, while somewhat expanded, remained essentially the same as from the original game.

Closing Cutscenes

Outrider/Troops/Xizor - As the rescuing Outrider takes off, we first hear Dash's theme, which quickly seques to the stormtroopers at the initial crash site. Their music is the same as the troopers searching for the droids in Star Wars. The stormtrooper music alternates with Xizor's theme as the Dark Prince is finally revealed to be involved, which is followed by more Shadows of the Empire music. It ends with the Dark Tide main cadence.

End Title - The credits appear with the same music as comes in the movies, the main closing theme. It eventually leads to a reprise of the Dark Tide theme, and then it transitions back to the original game's closing credit music.

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