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Non-Dark Tide Levels by Barry Brien 

Boba Fett: Episode I- Assassination on Nar Shaddaa

You play the part of Boba Fett. You have just been hired by your long time client Jabba The Hutt to take care of some business in the city of Nar Shaddaa. It seems an arrogant young relative of his named Priga has been muscling in on Jabba's trade. Priga's been making quite a name for himself on the Smugglers Moon, and Jabba is not happy. Rather than share his trade with Priga, Jabba has decided that the galaxy isn't big enough for the both of them. Jabba has hired you to assassinate Priga the Hutt. But why hire the legendary Boba Fett just to pick off some cocky little upstart? Well Jabba knows that for all his talk, Priga is careful. He has built himself a safe little citadel in a quiet part of the city. Security is high, and it won't be easy. You are the only man for the job...

Read the Hall of Fame entry over at DF-21!

download Boba Fett: Episode I- Assassination on Nar Shaddaa (assassin.zip, 2.53MB)

Anchor Hed: Tusken Raid mini level

You are Luke Skywalker, farm boy on tatooine. You just received a dsitress call from your friend Windy, who is trapped in the village of Anchor Hed during a particularly bad tusken raid. You rush to aid your friend in you T-61 Skyhopper, landing just outside the village gate, you are completely unarmed.

download Anchor Hed: Tusken Raid mini level (anchor2.zip, 289K)

The Death Star Plans (Operation Skyhook: Phase 2)

This level was the 1st place winner of the Secret Base Remake Contest. The Challenge was to create a new level from scratch that replaced the original "Secret Base" prologue mission. Only pre-existing custom components were allowed, and the entries had to adhere to the original mission briefing.

Read the Contest page over at DF-21!

download The Death Star Plans (secbase-barry.zip, 435K)

The One Room Wonder Contest

This level was the 2nd place winner of the One Room Wonder Contest. The Challenge was to create the most interesting and original Dark Forces add-on level within the tight constraints of a 32x32x32 DFU limit. No custom components were allowed. The setting here is a crow's nest on some sort of airship.

Read the Contest page over at DF-21!

download Barry's entry to the One Room Wonder Contest (barry.zip, 33K)

Star Destroyer/"Oppressor IV"

Description : To Kyle Katarn
The Empire is working on a new project 1 year after the destruction of the dark trooper project (thanks to you know who). The Empire is upgrading trooper weaponry and armour. The first steps of this project is an imperial jet pack. Your former co-pilot, Jan Ors, who has worked as a spy for us since your retirement, was able to send us this information, before her capture on board the star destroyer "Oppressor IV" just hours ago. Your mission is to board the star destroyer "Oppressor IV" disguised as a bounty hunter and to retrieve the jet pack, the pack's plans and of course to rescue Jan. Pack prototypes will most likely been issued to some of the troops or at least they will be soon, so don't be surprised if you see some flying stormtroopers! Look out for other bounty hunters. Vader and Moff may be gone, but the price they put on your head sure isn't. Now that you're a jedi this mission shouldn't prove too difficult but sources say that a new lord, Palpatines twin brother Enitaplap is especially interested in this project and is most likely aboard the "Oppressor IV". So keep your lightsaber close and may the force be with you.

download Star Destroyer/"Oppressor IV" (destroy.zip, 850K)

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